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About Tri-Den Waste

What we do...

For decades, thousands of customers in the Capital District and Schenectady County have come to us for our services in WASTE MANAGEMENT and  WASTE REMOVAL. Whether you’re a homeowner looking to clean up excess clutter, or you’re a project manager looking for help with commercial clean up, Tri-Den Waste can accommodate your needs.


Who we are...


Tri-Den waste is a small privately owned business established in 1987 by founder and president Dennis Carringi in Schenectady, New York. When Dennis started the business 27 years ago he had one goal in mind, to provide LOW COST services for the everyday man/woman. To this day Dennis still strives to maintain that goal. 

Keeping the world GREEN...


For over a decade Tri-Den Waste has made the push to become the leading recycler among competing waste removal services in Schenectady County and the Capital District. We are proud to say that we are now able to recycle over 50% of the waste, by volume,that comes through our doors.  Tri-Den Waste has the capabilities of recycling 22 different waste articles, including, but not limited to; scrap metal, wood, roofing, cardboard, clean fill, plastics, and E-Waste. 




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